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A-Z Inspections, LLC, provides professional home inspection services in Northwest Arkansas. Your Home Inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of a house.  It provides an expert opinion and professional report on the condition of the physical structure and various systems within a house.  A professional home inspection report can give you peace of mind on what will likely be the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.

Types of Home Inspections

Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is the most typical type of inspection that is performed.  When you sign a contract to purchase a home there is often a ten (10) business days home inspection contingency clause whereby the buyer has the opportunity to have a professional home inspection.

This is a complete and objective inspection of the entire house and its components and is done on behalf of, and paid for by the buyer.

The inspection is subject to limitations as outlined in the "Standards of Practice" required by the state of Arkansas.  The purpose of this inspection is not to point out cosmetic issues, but to look for items that may be a concern to the buyer.  To this end it is not inclusive, but does point out issues that can be visually observed and point out issues that may need further evaluation by a professional.

Sellers Pre-Listing (Disclosure) Inspection

This inspection provides the seller with a marketing advantage over a home not pre-inspected.  It gives you the opportunity to discover and fix items before they are discovered by the buyer in his/her pre-purchase inspection.

In a buyer's market it gives you that edge in getting your home sold. No tense negotiations over defects, no lost sale/lost time because of a major defect you didn't know about, and, if your home inspection report is pretty "clean" you have the confidence that a buyer's home inspection will not "kill the deal".

Owners Warranty/Anniversary Inspection

You moved into a newly built home ten (10) months ago. At that time you were most likely given a minimum twelve (12) month warranty on your home whether the builder told you or not.  

Before this twelve (12) months are up (or whatever time period your specific home warranty provides for), you need to advise the builder of any defects, repairs needed, faulty equipment, etc., in order to get them fixed without additional expense to you. Are the appliances all working properly, are windows operative and free from moisture intrusion? Are there any early signs of leaking around flashings and roof penetrations, etc?

A warranty inspection now, can save you thousands in repairs later on. Our report allows you to provide the builder a "punch list" of issues and concerns he needs to take care of for you.

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