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Commercial Inspections

A-Z provides Commercial Inspections as well as home inspections. If you are buying a business that includes real estate, you can call A-Z Inspections for an assessment before the purchase. 

We typically price Commercial Inspections on an hourly basis rather than by square footage, simply because of the nature of Commercial Inspections.  There may be a lot of warehouse space that doesn't take as much time, or there may be certain circumstances where it may be more time consuming than a typical inspection. 

Often times there are specialty businesses inside a commercial structure.  They may have special lighting, electrical, individual HVAC units and other systems that require more time.  We are very thorough, and very fair in our assessments and pricing. 

You will have a full report and then a summary page that will detail the items of most significance or concern to the inspector.  We encourage you to read the entire report as there may be other issues that are of concern to you as the Buyer.  The summary page is broken down by Interior, Exterior, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Mold or Moisture Issues and Miscellaneous.

You are welcome to be present the entire time, or come toward the end for a walk-through with Tom.  He will point out issues and concerns and answer any questions you may have.  Your report will be emailed the morning following the completion of the inspection.  After you have the report in hand, if you still have questions Tom is happy to visit with you again.

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