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Thank you for visiting our site! Our purpose is to provide you information so that you can make an informed decision for your inspection services. Do you need a HOME INSPECTION, MOLD ASSESSMENT, MOLD CONSULTATION or MOLD TESTING, INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT, RADON TESTING, or are you just gathering information? If so we can help! Our company is locally owned and operated, based in Fayetteville, AR.  

We have been serving all of Northwest Arkansas for nearly two decades.  At one time we traveled into all four corners of the state and the adjoining states. Now we seldom and travel outside of NW Arkansas due to the amount of work and number of clients we have locally.  We do travel sometimes outside the area - but only for mold consultation, assessments and testing. We are not a large, impersonal franchise cranking out inspections. We inspect homes because we love doing it and enjoy helping clients see things they might miss on their own. We offer personal service and are familiar with the area.

You will find our home inspections reports are different.  We have developed our own custom report that is unique and different and provides a lot of information that a typical cookie cutter report doesnot provide.  Because of this, our reports tend to be longer and take more time on our part to pt together, both on site and back at the office.  We believe that you will notice and appreciate the difference.  Your report will include digital photos and thermal imaging pictures that document many of our observations.  It will also include a summary page at the conclusion pointing out the items we, as the inspector consider most significant.

Tom Bramlett has lived in the area for most of his life. He has bought and sold many homes. We know what it is like to be a buyer and a seller and understand the issues the real estate agent faces.  While we work for our client (usually the buyer), we also have empathy for those whose homes we are inspection.

We will report what we see, but will keep it in perspective.  We will be fair, accurate and truthful.  We will not be an alarmist or
unnecessarily dramatic. We will always be available after the inspection for a walk-through with the client before leaving the property, and for follow-up questions for as long as needed.

Integrity, our good name and reputation are important to us and we will do everything we can to deliver a timely, superior, informative inspection report.

Tom Bramlett, Owner
A-Z Inspections, LLC

P.O. Box 8517, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Contact us
A - Z Inspections
P. O. Box 8517
Fayetteville, AR 72703
479 443-4431

A-Z Inspections, LLC

Tom Bramlett, CMC, CMI, CETC
Inspector #1206

479 443-4431
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